Acromag’s new XMC610 Series modules

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​New Quad-port Gigabit Ethernet XMC Modules Available in RJ45, SFP, and Rear I/O Versions to Meet a Variety of Application Requirements

Three new 1GbE Network Interface Card (NIC) mezzanine modules provide a flexible, high-density solution for Ethernet communication over fiber or copper media.

Acromag’s new XMC 610 Series modules provide four independent gigabit Ethernet interface ports when used on VME, VPX, PCIe or other embedded computing carrier boards. The industry-leading Intel® I350 Ethernet Controller interfaces with the PCIe bus via four high-speed serial lanes on the XMC P15 connector. Three models are available. The XMC611 model offers four RJ45 connectors on the front panel for copper cabling while the XMC612 substitutes four SFP connectors to additionally support fiber optic media. The rear I/O model XMC613 routes four 1000BASE-T connections to the P16 connector and is compatible with conduction-cooling frames. Designed for COTS applications, these XMC modules are ideal for use in defense, aerospace, industrial, and scientific research computing systems. All versions are lead-free with prices starting at $670.

“As we continue to move our I/O products forward onto PCIe platforms via XMC modules, we saw a need to expand our Ethernet offering starting with these three boards” stated Russell Nieves, Acromag’s Vice President of Sales. “As a world leader in I/O, we will continue to release additional products with higher speeds to keep pace with our customers’ evolving requirements.”

Employing Intel’s advanced I350 4-port gigabit Ethernet controller, these networking modules introduce new levels of performance including improved power management technologies, such as energy-efficient Ethernet and direct memory access coalescing. Other enhancements add flexibility for virtual functions and increased offload capabilities. Auto-negotiation supports 10/100/1000 Mbps data rates. A 3.3V low power design and extended temperature operation from -40 to 85°C further simplify system integration. Software support is available for embedded applications running on Linux®, Windows®, or VxWorks® operating systems.