Abaco to Collaborate with EIZO Rugged Solutions to Bring Leading Edge Video Processing, HPEC Solutions to Customers in Military, Aerospace

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·         New product range will leverage state-of-the-art NVIDIA Pascal GPU technology


Abaco Systems today announced that it had entered into a collaboration with visual technology leader EIZO® Rugged Solutions and its NVIDIA® Pascal®-based products. The collaboration will see Abaco expanding its existing NVIDIA-based board and system family by leveraging EIZO Rugged Solutions’ experience and expertise to respond to the growing military/aerospace customer requirements for advanced video processing and GPGPU technology in high performance embedded computing (HPEC) systems. Typical compute-intensive applications will include intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), electronic warfare (EW), radar/sonar and remote sensing and analysis as well as video capture/processing.

EIZO Rugged Solutions’ best-in-class product line leverages the latest NVIDIA Pascal GPU technology to deliver up to 6.4 TeraFLOPS of floating-point performance from a single 3U OpenVPX chassis slot. As well as 3U OpenVPX platforms, Abaco will also offer XMC solutions featuring NVIDIA GPUs.

“We’re excited by our relationship with EIZO because it brings important benefits to our customers,” said Peter Thompson, Vice President, Product Management at Abaco Systems.  “Our mission at Abaco has long been to bring the latest technologies to our warfighters in the shortest time possible, giving them the best tools to do the job – and this agreement helps enable us to do that.”

“Beyond this,” continued Thompson, “NVIDIA’s CUDA-enabled GPGPU technology is rapidly becoming a vital element in today’s HPEC systems. GPGPU provides the highest degree of parallelism to deliver performance well beyond that of traditional processors in a number of applications, such as multi-beam sensor processing, software defined radar and automatic target recognition/ acquisition. It can also deliver substantially improved performance/watt. This agreement with EIZO Rugged Solutions further strengthens our already leading edge HPEC capability.”

Abaco’s AXIS Advanced Software Development Environment is specifically designed to minimize the effort, time, expense and risk of developing high performance, multi-core, multi-threaded solutions heterogeneous computing solutions that take advantage of the unique characteristics of different processor types.

“The agreement also enables us to respond to the growing use of high definition video in applications such as autonomous vehicles,” added Thompson. “EIZO’s expertise allows us to take video ingest, encoding/decoding and output to a new level of performance, leveraging the advanced capabilities of NVIDIA’s GPU technology as well as high speed 3G-SDI, providing our customers with transfer rates of almost 3 Gigabits/second - substantially reducing latency.”

The first Abaco products to result from the agreement with EIZO will be announced in the near future.