[ELMA] Industrial NetSys Cisco Routers

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Elma Electronic Inc. now offers a fully EN 51055-compliant NetSys-5304 that facilitates seamless, secure communication in rolling-stock applications that involve vehicle positioning, monitoring, speed control and collision avoidance.  The NetSys-5304 is part of Elma’s Cisco-enabled family of rugged systems designed for high performance communication and computing at the network edge.

Designed to deliver secure IP-based data to mobile rail and transportation applications, the NetSys-5304 is based on Cisco’s 5915 Embedded Services Router (ESR) with Advanced Enterprise IOS and Mobile Ready Net capabilities.  An on-board hardware encryption engine ensures secure, uninterrupted handling of all data, video and voice. 

Layer 3 routing protocols quickly and seamlessly establish ad hoc networks as nodes shift relative to positioning in and out of the range of fixed networks. 

The NetSys-5304 also includes radio aware routing, quality of service (QoS) support and a dynamic link exchange protocol. These routing optimization protocols ensure sufficient bandwidth to critical wireless nodes in the time and sequence necessary to support network communication requirements.

Ram Rajan, senior vice president of engineering at Elma Electronic, noted, “By combining our engineering resources with our packaging design skills, we were able to deliver both the performance and reliability needed for secure communications in today’s rugged railway applications. To meet the EN 51055 standard, our NetSys product needed to demonstrate high degrees of fault protection, built-in diagnostics and easy maintenance.”

The NetSys-5304 features a fanless design that provides passive conduction-cooling and reduces maintenance needs as well as possible component failures.  The robust M12 connectors and an IP67 rating ensure that the system can withstand severe environmental conditions, such as intense shock, vibration and humidity typically found in rugged, mobile applications.


The unit comes equipped with front LEDs to quickly verify system status as well as link activity. 


Technical Highlights     


EN 51055-compliant for secure railway communications

Powerful Cisco Advanced Enterprise IOS and Mobile Ready Net capabilities

Rugged construction designed to endure rolling stock and mobile applications