New Single Board Computer Extends Life, Updates Processing and Communications Technology, Saves Cost and Power for VXS-Based Systems

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• New NXP QorIQ T2081-based Rugged 6U VXS Single Board Computer 


Abaco Systems announces the DSP221 emphasizing their commitment toward supporting customers with long term solutions. The DSP221 is an extension of the legacy DSP220, by refreshing to the latest NXP T2081 quad core processor. This launch lowers costs of ownership for our clients while simultaneously reducing integration work and extending the life of current projects. The DSP221 delivers a valuable solution toward achieving production lifetime.

The DSP221 is the newest NXP QorIQTM based product to join Abaco’s rugged 6U VME and VXS single board computers. It provides high speed Ethernet fabric support with a technological refresh. This product provides an improvement from a single core processor to a modern multi core power architecture processor. This technology refresh reduces power consumption by over half compared to the DSP220.

The DSP221 incorporates the high performance T2081 processor and is designed specifically for harsh environments. It is ideal for a wide range of applications demanding reliability, like critical industrial, aerospace and defense applications. The DSP221 is available in air-cooled ruggedization levels, offering a clear path for new customers and existing DSP220 users looking for modernization of existing systems. This product lends itself to the success of our customers by overcoming the threat of obsolescence.

Pete Thompson, Vice President, Product Management of Abaco Systems, Inc., said, “We are committed to continuing our longstanding tradition of bringing our customers products that will reduce the possibility of obsolescence and allow success without replacement of entire systems. The DSP221 provides just that, allowing existing platforms to continue to perform with a clear path towards the future. We will continue to provide our customers with products that are solid investments allowing them to succeed without costly overhauls of systems already in place.”

Technical Overview

The DSP221 is a 6U VXS single board computer with Power ArchitectureTM AMP CPU with eight e6500 virtual cores (4 cores, dual threaded with AltiVec co-processing). It includes 8 GB DDR3 SDRAM with ECC Single Bank, 512MB NOR Flash, 32GB NAND Flash solid-state drive, 512 kB non-volatile nvSRAM, 2x independent PMC/XMC sites, 2x 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet, 2x RS232 ports, 4x single-ended GPIO (5V tolerant), and has a Baseboard Management Module (BMM). Standard software options including Uboot, PBIT, CIBIT, and VxWorks® 7 (SR0630). Linux Yocto distribution is available on request.